Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Than Just Circles

Since Bubble Mouse, I've progressed in my character design and have incorporated shapes other than circles.

(My favorite) A cute ox. I really need to finalize all these drawings.

Angry bull.

A superhero rooster.

An alien. and now that I look at it, it loos like the alien from the Pixar short lifted. This predates that. Great minds think alike

And an alien looking giraffe. I think I drew it because my cousin Tiffany liked giraffes and i was maybe going to draw her something for her wedding.

Bubble Mouse

A while back I took an animation class. I met a lot of great people and learned the most from them. (Thank you Jessica and Eddie!) Here's a characterI created. I didn't name him because I began despising him. And compared to the rest of the class, I was quite the amatuer and would joke about how I couldn't create a character so I made one with circles.

With our character, we put them in poses and shaded them.

Here's Bubble Mouse doing the crane kick.

Here he is over-stuffed with cheeeeese.

Can you tell I was trying to do the most ridiculous poses for a round cute mouse. I need to shade this sometime.

And yes, he's riding a Triumph.


Yippie!! Classes started back up yesterday! I'm taking Drawing & Composition and Intro. To Product Design. I'm going to try to get away with making everything toy related so I can build up my resume. Here are some doodles I made. The first one is from class (while we were on break of I need to stop lying to myself. Again, I learn better when I'm drawing.)

The rest of these were just for fun. As you can see, I like cute things.

Happy Cute Owl. Would be a great stuffed animal...I think i'll have to make it

An elephant that was inspired by something but I don't remember.

Platypus. I drew this right after the elephant. With the 2 drawings I wanted the outlines to be very distinct and prominent.

A crazy bird.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good Mistake

My friend Amanda got married this past weekend and it was such a beautiful wedding. You can tell that they have affected so many people and that they are loved by many.

I painted/drew her wedding present. Originally it started as a painting on 3 skateboards. The painting was a couple running away from a carnival. The people were going to be painted and their clothes would be cut out in cloth. After I was done with it, I felt that the people were too cute and couldn't imagine anyone hanging it in there house.

I sanded it and drew a cornet on it with a sharpie and then glazed it. Why a cornet? Well because like a couple of months before the wedding I randomly asked her if she ever played an instrument and she said that she played a cornet for like 5 minutes. I didn't know what to draw on top of the sanded skateboard so the cornet just kind of came to me.

Here are the progress pics!